I love riding and racing bicycles in Melbourne’s north, where I live and where the hilly terrain plays to my strengths. I started writing here after a wet corner gifted me some time off the bike at Christmas 2013. Recounting some of my cycling experiences proved therapeutic and convinced me maintaining a blog could be fun.

Just in case the blog title sounds too ostentatious – I came up with this, then only days later I found the phrase was described as painted on Mt Ventoux in Tim Krabbé’s 1978 classic, The Rider. I took this as a sign!

Outside of cycling I’m completing a Ph.D. in history, but when they tell me to get writing it’s easy to mistake for … um .. riding? In all seriousness I’ve also taken up blogging here with a view to keeping the writing centres of the brain active, in the hope this flows on to my thesis.

The header photo is Eltham-Yarra Glen Rd in Kangaroo Ground, taken by me in early 2013. Under normal circumstances this is a stretch of road I cover multiple times every week …


One thought on “About

  1. Thanks Alain for this beautiful tribute to my brother written pn this website . You shared an amazing friendship. So glad I met you at the memorial gathering for Alex and your heart rending recollections were unforgettable.
    Plz friend me on fb : Suzan Watson (went to Sefton High School )

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