Running the Veloflex Master 25s

I couldn’t wait to wear out my Vittoria Corsas …

I was vaguely concerned the Veloflex Masters would clash with my dark label Fulcrum Zeros, but I reckon they look pretty good!

It's like having a new bike!

It’s like having a new bike!


At Smiths Gully

At Smiths Gully

Straight out of the box the rubber felt much more supple and tacky than a new Vittoria tyre. I was concerned this might be the effect of a release agent and that the tyres might be slippery at first but they seemed particularly grippy on the road today, even after a little light rain. I felt no difference in rolling speed compared to my Vittoria Open Corsas but the perceived difference in grip gave me extra cornering confidence. This helps me given I’m still getting over the lingering mental impact of last year’s crash! The suppleness of the rubber might mean the tyre won’t last as long as the Vittoria’s – we’ll see. They’re both 320 TPI but the Veloflex are supposedly five grams lighter.

It was a good test ride, despite my feeling a little horse …

Same pony as above - took an interest in the scene!

Same pony as above – took an interest in the scene!

You can see the Veloflex site here:

And if you want to know why I’m running 25s start here: and here:



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