Mat’s Magic Escalator

It's magic, never believe it's not so ... (click to enlarge).

It’s magic, never believe it’s not so … (click to enlarge).

I had one of those rides yesterday which makes me so glad to live in Melbourne’s outer north. Descending into the Yarra Valley from Christmas Hills we were greeted with a layer of wispy cloud wrapped around the base of the ranges from Mt St Leonard to Mt Donna Buang, their peaks appearing above. One of the guys, from outside the area, asked, ‘how do we end up in Kinglake without doing the Kinglake climb?” Mat replied, “I have a magic escalator!”

Thus was renamed (for this day at least) the climb up Myers Creek Rd, the better part of Mt St Leonard’s elevation. At the top I managed to take a few cell-phone shots as some of the guys rolled up. Later, I stitched these shots together into the panorama above. It was a little more misty, but just as serene, as the picture suggests.

Myers Creek - Kinglake loop. 111km ~ 2000m elevation.

Myers Creek – Kinglake loop. 111km ~ 2000m elevation.

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