Images from Coburg CC Track Champs and a historical ride

Post ToB I’ve been looking for some different cycling related activity. On 10 December I watched the Coburg CC track champs and took a few photos:

These photos were all taken during the scratch race which was won by Chris Michaelides:







Chris crossing the line for the win.



To the victors go the spoils …

There’s a lot of history in the Coburg club rooms. Understandable, given the club is 118 years old.

Recently I spent some time looking for club related articles in old newspapers, using the NLA’s Trove site. There’s plenty there, and one article in particular, from 1914, struck a chord with me:

From the Brunswick and Coburg Leader, December 18 1914.

From the Brunswick and Coburg Leader, December 18, 1914.


An enjoyable outing was held by the Coburg Cycling Club to the pretty resort, Warrandyte. Leaving Coburg at 8 a.m., the party, about 30 in number, amongst whom were several old riders, journeyed slowly through Heidelberg by Bell street, through Templestowe,leaving the party an opportunity to enjoy the scenery.

The slow pace was quite a change from the previous run. There were several non-members present, who will shortly be joining.

At Warrandyte, fishing, swimming, etc., was indulged in till lunch hour. After lunch the beauty spots were explored and another swim indulged in. These runs, besides promoting good fellowship, will tend to make healthy citizens of Brunswick and Coburg.

The return journey was through Kangaroo Ground, Panton Hill, Hurstbridge to Heidelberg, Coburg being reached at 7.10 p.m. Everyone who can ride a bicycle and owns or hires one is invited to these runs.

The trip will be to Warrandyte next Sunday.

Taking note of the date, I figured a little reenactment was in order. 100 years to the day that the article was published I rolled down to the river, and filmed the journey: (if you don’t like my first seasonal tune, it shifts gear … )

Happy holiday!



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