Images from the 2016 Road National Championships

For the third year in a row I headed off to Mt Buninyong yesterday to watch the Road National Champs. It was an extraordinary day, and perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had at the event. The fact that only 15 of 127 riders finished the men’s race is a testament to what a grueling day in the heat the riders had to endure. Jack Bobridge’s huge breakaway was all the more an achievement in these conditions. I’ve pulled up with sunburn and sore calves just from walking up and down the KOM, so I can’t imagine what surviving the 184km race would feel like, let alone winning after 90km solo!

It was great to spend the day with our little Coburg CC gang. To the riders I knew in both the women’s and men’s events: being able to cheer you on makes the day even more meaningful – so thanks for putting out such an exceptional effort!

Here’s a small selection of photos – hopefully capturing the energy of the day. They’re in chronological order and I’ll let them speak for themselves:

s4(1) s4(2) s4(3) s4(4) s4(5) s4(6) s4(7) s4(8) s4(9) s4(10) s4(11) s4(12)

fj(2) fj(3)

s4(13) s4(14) s4(15) s4(16) s4(17) s4(18) s4(19) s4(20) s4(21) s4(22) s4(23)

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